Oil separator


The LCT oil separator is a waste water treatment plant in the form of a basin in whichOils be deposited by slowly floating several plate packs. There is therefore a submersible partition in front of the drain, under which the oil-free waste water must pass.

The functional principle of this oil separator is based on the Density difference of the oil components to the water, i.e. the lighter oil floats up and collects on the water surface, the light liquids thus separated in the oil separator collect on the water surface and can then be disposed of via a separate oil drain, which can be continuously adjusted to the water surface in the basin.

This enables a continuous cleaning performance in the bypass stream, of a maximum of 20 mg residual content.

For light oil separations, smaller quantities, a windscreen skimmer system can be mounted directly in our washing systems, which then removes the oil film from the water surface by means of a large disc wheel when the washing system is at a standstill.

The oil carried along runs against a rubber lip and thus via a drainage channel into a collecting container.

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Oil separator

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