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Our LCT cleaners are divided into two product groups. Firstly, LCT application cleaners for manual use on a wide variety of surfaces and, secondly, LCT system cleaners for machine cleaning in our various cleaning systems.

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LCT cleaner


Research and development at LCT has set itself the goal of selecting raw materials that are as environmentally friendly and high-quality as possible in order to ensure a long service life for the products on the one hand and to reduce the ecological footprint on the other.

We take great care to ensure that our products are developed and produced sustainably. It should be mentioned here that you can save not only VOC but also CO₂ when using many of our products.

In the area of water-based cleaning products, we offer acidic, neutral or alkaline solutions.

Depending on the surface to be cleaned and the corresponding system type from our machine range, the appropriate product is used so that you can achieve the most efficient cleaning results with this combination and with the minimum use of chemicals – that’s what we call “Industrial Cleaning” 4.0!

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Our product range contains a large number of high-quality products for a wide variety of requirements.

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