LCT Plant Cleaner


LCT Plant Cleaner

Our LCT system cleaners are mainly used for machine cleaning in our LCT washing and ultrasonic systems or also in existing cleaning systems, whereby the numerous LCT system cleaners always differ in the material to be cleaned, the contamination on the surface and the respective machine type.

These cleaners are produced by us as liquid concentrates for the respective systems, so that they can also be professionally applied to the special system type via automatic dosing. Here, you as a customer have a precise and traceable process, which you can also have made available to you on your smartphone via our special LCT system technology.

In our LCT brush washstands, our plant cleaners are used as ready-to-use mixtures, the various LCT Bio Liquid products. Since these special cleaners contain microorganisms that have been bred for 24-hour oil degradation in the washbasins, only one of our ready-to-use LCT Bio Liquid must be added at a time. Here, too, in the LCT brush washbasin area, the technology of the washing systems has already arrived, that the washbasin emits a message about the condition of the liquid, so that it can always run in optimal condition and for the benefit of the microorganisms and its professional oil degradation.

For use in mechanical high-pressure cleaners, we also have a large field of application of special HD cleaners, which can be sucked in directly via the high-pressure cleaner or can be pre-sprayed as a pre-application by means of one of our LCT application systems, so that the contamination then only has to be washed off with the high-pressure cleaner.

Please feel free to contact us at any time with questions about chemistry and plant technology, Consultations and demonstrations are available from us as a free service.

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LCT Plant Cleaner

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