Used plants


To conserve our earth’s resources, we also offer you equipment taken in part exchange by our customers which is no longer needed for their processes.

These refurbished systems have been completely technically overhauled by us and can thus achieve significant savings for your operation and thus continue to provide their service for years to come.

Used plants


100% tracking

We can provide the processes in our modern washing and ultrasonic systems with corresponding barcodes, so that 100% traceability of the just washed and processed parts can always be given.

All messages and statuses of the systems can be communicated to you in real time on your smartphone if desired, so the production management is always up to date on the current status of the system and the throughputs currently being run.

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Our product range contains a large number of high-quality products for a wide variety of requirements.

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You can easily download our LCT safety data sheets here with your customer number and e-mail address.

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We would be happy to visit you in person at your site and coordinate the cleaning process that suits your manufactured product, so that you too can make an effective contribution to environmental protection in the future.

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