LCT brush washbasins

Effective and environmentally friendly parts cleaning


The brush washstand is an indispensable piece of equipment in many industrial and craft environments. Especially the models from LCT stand for quality and efficiency in the solvent-free parts cleaning of workpieces.

A brush washstand, such as the models from LCT, offers numerous advantages for the cleaning and maintenance of tools and parts. Whether you need to clean ball bearings, screws or other small parts, an LCT brush washstand is your solution.

Moreover, a brush washbasin is not only useful for cleaning small parts. It is also ideal for thorough surface cleaning in preparation for painting work. A brush wash can help ensure that the surface of a piece is clean and free of dirt and oil before it is painted, resulting in a better, more professional finish.

The LCT brush washbasins are characterised by their durability and reliability. They are robustly built and can withstand the demands of an industrial or craft environment. They are also easy to use and maintain, making them an excellent choice for anyone who needs an efficient and effective cleaning solution.

In summary, the LCT brush wash tables are an excellent choice for anyone who needs thorough and solvent-free cleaning of workpieces. They are ideal for cleaning ball bearings, screws and other small parts as well as for surface cleaning in preparation for painting work. With an LCT brush washstand, you can be sure that your parts and tools are always clean and ready for use.

The brush wash tables as a cleaning medium are not hazardous substances or dangerous goods and are therefore not subject to any special regulations for storage, handling and transport.

LCT models

Brush washbasins

Brush washbasin C100


Brush washbasin B60

Brush washbasin A25

Brush washbasin C100 XL

Brush washbasin A100

Brush washbasin A100 Intelligent


Stainless steel attachment with brush wash basin A100

SPW 390

Brush washbasin T1000

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