LCT Application Cleaner


LCT Application Cleaner

The LCT application cleaners are used for manual cleaning on many different surfaces, whereby the purpose of the cleaner always refers to the soiling of the surface as well as the material of the surface to be cleaned.

Here we have developed a variety of different LCT cleaners, which have proven themselves for these special applications from years of research and development. For the respective application, the LCT cleaners are sold for the specific purpose either as a concentrate for dilution or as a ready-to-use and ready-to-apply mixture, which you can then apply directly to the surface to be cleaned by hand using the hand sprayer supplied for this purpose or with special application systems that can be purchased from us.

After the various application options described above, our LCT cleaners are then wiped off or rinsed off after the prescribed exposure time using a wiping or spraying process, so that the surfaces shine again in their original brilliance.

In our LCT online shop you can purchase all LCT application cleaners, from LCT all-purpose cleaner for daily maintenance cleaning to LCT wagon cleaner for special exterior washing in rail transport.

If you are unsure about a specific application or contamination, we are always available to answer any questions you may have by phone or in our contact form.

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In our technical centre, we can simulate all application processes, from simple dipping to spraying to ultrasound or high-pressure processes.

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